1.) Conduct one of the following mini-labs

2.) Write a paragraph explaining

-what you observed, why this occurred in terms of the properties of water(research to find answers), what you learned



Pepper , Water, Pan, Dish Soap

1.) Get a pan and fill it about 1/2 full of water

2.) Shake pepper over it until pepper covers most of the surface of water

3.) Take your finger and put some dish soap on it

4.) Touch the water and watch the petrified pepper run!

5.) Empty the pan and try it once more.



Pipet, Water, Penny, Paper Towel

1.) Take a small piece of paper towel and lay it on a table

2.) Place your penny on the paper towel

3.) Fill the pipet with water

4.) See how many drops of water can be held on the surface of a penny

5.) Repeat 4-5 times, keep track of how many drops are held each time

6.) Make close observations

7.) Put all information in your write up


Mini-Lab #3: Climbing Water

50 mL graduated cylinder, Strip of Chromatography Paper, Water, Clock, Black Water-Soluble Pen

1.) Get a 50 mL graduated cylinder

2.) Tear off a strip of chromatography paper that is just long enough to hang over the side of the graduated cylinder and reach the bottom

3.) Place a single small drop of ink from a black water-soluble pen on the paper, about one inch from the bottom, and let it dry completely

4.) Put 10 ml of water into the graduated cylinder and place the strip of paper in the cylinder so that the bottom end is immersed in water and the drop of ink is just above the surface of the water. Fold the paper over the top side

5.) Watch and note the time it takes for the water to get to the top. When the water climbs to the top of the paper, remove the paper from the water, and let it dry

6.) How do you explain the results?