CLASSIFICATION: Fungi, Plants & Animals


Activity: Fungi Scavenger Hunt      


Activity: Biology4Kids-Plants

Activity: HELP WANTED!

Activity: Paper Flower Dissection

Invertebrate Biodigest

Vertebrate Biodigest

Invertebrate Web Quest: Cross-eyed Cricket Films

Vertebrate Scavenger Hunt

Finding Nemo Study Guide

Plant Hormones and Responses (23.3)

Animal Behavior (33)


Lab: Mushroom Dissection (print out & work in pairs)

Lab: Flower Dissection

Lab: Fruit "Dissection"

Mini-Lab: Seed Germination

Lab: Virtual Pig Dissection

Lab Sheet: Pig Dissection

Lab: Fish (Perch)Dissection

Lab: Hydra and Planaria

Isopod Mini-Lab (pg 890)


Self-Quizzes: Chapter 20-32 (a cool site with everything from weird plants to plants that changed history, you can ask questions and get answers...What did Santa Ana have to do with chewing gum? How do you give a mosquito indigestion?//)

Plant Database from the USDA

Biology of Plants (good review of plants and photosynthesis, some quicktime movies and good graphics)

Monocot & Dicot Seed Lab

Detergent & Seed Germination Lab

Light Effect on Plant Growth Lab

Handout: Basic Characteristics of Invertebrates and Vertebrates

Perch Dissection Help

Amniotic Egg Lab