Unit #4 Vocab



Section 8.2 Vocab

Centromere                           chromatin                               chromosome

Cancer                                   gene                                       mitosis

Spindle fibers                        centrioles                               cell cycle

Cytokenesis                           interphase                              prophase

Metaphase                             anaphase                               telophase


Section 10.2 Vocab

Crossing over                            diploid                                    genetic recombination

Haploid                                       gamete                                   homologous chromosome

Meiosis                                      mitosis                                    nondisjunction

Zygote                                        aneuploidy                             chromosomal disorder


More Chapter 10 Vocab

Heredity                      Allele                   Genotype              Genetics

Dominant                   Trait                      Gamete                 Hybrid

Recessive                  Law of Segregation                          Phenotype

Homozygous              Heterozygous                                    Law of Independent Assortment

Dihybrid Cross          Monohybrid Cross               

Filial Generation        Parental Generation


Chapter 12 Vocab

Carrier                                    Pedigree                    Autosome

Codominance                        Incomplete Dominance       

Multiple Alleles

Karyotype                               Sex-Linked Trait

Polygenic Inheritance           Sex Chromosome