A.  Grades

The grading scale will essentially follow the school policy outlined in the handbooks.  You will be kept up to date with your most current grade, either individually or through progress reports. You  may also wish to gain access to powerschool to check your grades online at anytime.  (Parents can get passwords for this)


Grades will come from a variety of sources including: quizzes, pop-quizzes, tests, homework, projects, labs and lab reports.  There will be no extra credit given.  If you want a good grade, you will earn it.  However, bonus points can be earned.

Tests =50%           Daily work is 35%                 (EOCT) is 15% of your overall grade.  


* The exemption policy will be followed…NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM THE EOCT


Grades will be determined using the point method, then converted to percent…

                                *Grading scale:  100-90 A;  89-80 B;  79-70 C;  69 or below F


B.  Late / Missed Work

If you miss any days of school, it is your responsibility to make up any missed work.  Late Work is not condoned!  You will have limited time to turn in what you missed.  (See school handbook) REMEMBER…every point counts!! Zeros are not good!!! If you miss a lab, you must write a 2-3 page/typed double spaced paper on the topic OR make up the lab! See me for details.


C.  Classroom Rules


*Note: All rules can change at any time according to the teacher’s discretion.  Furthermore, all the rules in your handbook/safety contract apply as well.  At any time, I can call a parent even on the first offense.


D. Discipline

Positive Consequences: 1) Coupons

                                          2) Bonus Points

                                          3) Positive phone calls and/or notes to parents

                                          4) Class special privileges


        Negative Consequences: 1st warning:  Verbal Warning / Student Conference

2nd warning:  In-house lunch detention (Other forms of detention are also available at my discretion)

3rd warning:  Official write-up, parents notified, administration decides  punishment

                                EMERGENCY CLAUSE: Call to office, sent immediately

Note: If any detentions are not served, an automatic office referral will be issued. No refusals or arguments will be accepted!!            



E.  Expectations

I expect 100% from every student and they should throw in an extra 10% for themselves.   In my opinion, hard work means more than anything.  Do not let me catch you being lazy.  I get to school about 7:15 each morning and can usually stay in the afternoons.   If you need help, feel free to come in and see me. Times for missed/makeup work should be arranged.  Remember, I am here for you!


F. Attendance

            * Attendance policies of school will be enforced

                * Be in class and in your seat when the bell rings ready to learn

                * Higher grades correspond with good attendance

                * 50 bonus points will be awarded for perfect attendance (25 pts. for each grading term)

                * Tardiness will not be tolerated!!



G.  Course Outline

This is an outline of the material that will be covered in this course throughout the block.   This is an eighteen week or full block course. 


Unit 1:  Introduction

Unit 2:  Chemical Basis of Life

Unit 3:  Cellular Basis of Life

Unit 4 & 5:  Genetics and Patterns of Change

Unit 6:  Classification: Viruses, Monerans, and Protists

Unit 7:  Classification: Fungi and Plants

Unit 8:  Classification: Animals

Unit 9:  Ecology and Environmental Science



H. Materials List


- 1” binder                                                                             - Lined index cards

- #2 pencils                                                                            - Paper (college rule preferably)

- Pens (blue or black)                                                          

- Computer Access**                        



Parents and Student, after reading this syllabus carefully, please sign and return these policies to the classroom.  If for any reason you need to communicate with me, call the school at (706) 276-5080 or email me at the address below anytime.  Thank you.


Student:  _________________________________________            Date:  __________________


Parent:  __________________________________________            Date:  __________________


Parent email:___________________________________________________________________


I am looking forward to a great year!!  Hopefully, you are as excited as I am!

Let’s get started….

Mrs. Shawler: