Rockin' Hunt                     

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Mineralogical Society of America

1.) Describe the rock cycle in your own words.

2.) What are the 2 major groups of igneous rocks? Give an example of each.

3.) How can you distinguish felsic igneous rocks from mafic igneous rocks? What minerals give each their characteristic?

4.) What is porphyritic texture?

5.) What are the 3 steps to becoming a sedimentary rock?

6.) Why is the study of sedimentary rocks important?

7.) What are the 2 main groups of metamorphic rocks? What type is gneiss? What type is marble?

8.) If magma cools slowly, what texture results?

USGS Rocks

9.) How are the 3 types of sedimentary rock; clastic, chemical, biological, formed and give an example of each.

10.) Click on "simple rock classification chart" and see if you can identify the following rock type




Georgia Geology

11.) Why does Gilmer County not have fossils? (You can click on different regions at top of page  to help)

12.) Name a place in Georgia where you could find fossils. What kind?

13.) What rock is Stone Mountain composed of? What class of rock is this?

14.) If Gilmer County did have fossils, would you be able to find stromatolites in our rock? Why or why not?

15.) What are the 2 major rocks in Gilmer County?

16. Final Thoughts

Based on your knowledge of rocks and minerals, as well as what you learned about Georgia Rocks...what does this tell you about the geologic history of Georgia?