Moh's Mineral Mayhem!

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Mineralogical Society of America

1.) What is a mineral? Why is sugar not a mineral?

2.) What is hardness of a mineral?

3.) Anything with a hardness >6 will do what?

4.) What is streak? What hardness must a mineral have to leave a streak?

5.) What is luster? Describe 3 types of luster.

6.) What are the 7 mineral groups? Give an example from each group and tell why it belongs to that group.

7.) What are the 6 crystal systems? Name the system the following minerals belong to: Quartz, Halite, Mica.

Check out "Minerals In Your House"

More Mineral Identification

8.) Some minerals have a unique property called effervescence, this means the mineral reacts with --?

9.) Birefringence is also called --? Name a mineral with this property.

10.) What is the difference between fracture and cleavage?

11.) Staurolite is the Georgia state mineral. It demonstrates twinning. What is twinning?

See full size image12.) What are pleochroic minerals?

13.) What is Triboluminescence?

14.) What color does gypsum usually fluoresce?

Click on "By Name" on the left hand side. Peruse the hundreds of different minerals.

Hope Diamond

15.) How old is the Hope Diamond? Where is the diamond now?


16.) What are the 2 major characteristics of gemstones?

17.) What is red corundum usually known as?

18.) Amethyst is really purple --?

19.) Emeralds come from which mineral?

20.) Would a ring with cubic zirconium scratch glass? Why or Why not?