Geology State Standards (GPS)

Homework Rubric

Careers That Rock Project

Reaction Paper

Science in the News

USGS: EVERYTHING GEOLOGY (be sure to check out "science in your backyard" section)

Chapter Self-Checks and Other Text Resources

Georgia Geology/Geology Overview  

Georgia Geology Scavenger Hunt (chart is separate)




  Geology of Georgia - UGA 1

Geology of Georgia - UGA 2

The New Georgia Encyclopedia (follow science & medicine link on left side)


Resources and The Environment


Barrier Islands Web Quest: To Build or Not to Build

Historical Environmentalism and Conservation Lessons

"Every Day is Earth Day" Bulletin Board

Natural South Videos

NPS Ranger Quest

Alternative Energy Webquest

Resource Controversy


Oil Eating Bacteria Lab

Bio-indicators: Lichens

Water Quality Study

Story of Easter Island

Cumberland Island Info

Ossabaw Island Info

Benthic Macroinvertebrate ID


Composition of Earth, Rocks and Minerals


Rockin' Hunt

Moh's Mineral Mayhem


Know-Whin-Big Mineral Investments

Crystal Growing Lab

USGS Mineral Information

Rock and Mineral Info

More Mineral Info

Kaolin Info


Geologic Time and Fossils


Half-Life and Decay Practice Problems

Amazing Earth Video Study Guide

Video: Dinosaur

Geo-time Skits

Carbon Cycle Case Study

Radioactive Dating Game

U-Create Cross Section

Can You Dig It? Fossil Lab

1/2 Life of Candium

Pile it on! Mini-Lab

Relative Dating Model & questions

Paleontology Portal

Geologic Time Info

Why Are Dinosaurs No More?

Geologic and Paleontologic Cookbook

GeoTime Party Ideas

Images in Time (for Geotime Wall)



Volcanoes, Topographic Maps, Plate Tectonics & Earthquakes

Volcano Project

National Geographic: Volcano Video Guide

Nova: EarthQuake! Video Guide (put answers on a separate sheet if you need to)

Tsunami Web Quest

Volcano PBL Module

Movie: SuperVolcano!

Movie: Dante's Peak w/ analysis

How The Earth Was Made: San Andreas study guide

Earthquake! Web Quest (VEQ as part of this)

Earthquake Awareness Bulletin Board

Virtual Earth Quake (Website)

Virtual Earth Quake Lab Sheet

Far Flung Fossil Lab

Earthquake Proof Structures

Story of Plate Tectonics: USGS

Geology of our National Parks

USGS: Earthquake Info

Virtual Volcano

Virtual Supervolcano

Interactive Topo Help

Surface & Sub-surface Processes (Erosion, Weathering, Lakes, Wetlands, Groundwater & Caves) Cave Travel Brochure

Wetlands Under Attack Web Quest

Video: Secret Lives of Caves and Essay

Killer Lake Case Study Reading

Collapsing Sinkhole Case Study

Cave Models

Weathering and Erosion Lab

National Speleological Society

National Cave Association

The Virtual Cave

Info on Cave Critter Adaptations (mainly troglobites)

Wetlands Info from EPA

Atmosphere, Weather & Climate Video: Weather

Tornado Web Quest

Global Warming Web Quest

Twister Movie Questions

Weather Map and Station Model Analysis

Day After Tomorrow Study Guide

Global Warming Case Study




Weather Channel

Guide to Weather Symbols

El Nino Information

USGS Hurricane Resources

A Paleoperspective on Abrupt Climate Change (NOAA)

Misconceptions About Abrupt Climate Change

Greenhouse Lessons from Geologic Record

Climate Change (EPA) - also check out Climate Change for Kids