”Finding Nemo” Study Guide (45 pt)


1.)   What type of symbiotic relationship does Nemo and family have with their home?______________________________________


2.)   What Kingdom, Phylum, and Class does Dory belong to?







3.)   What kind of fish is Nemo?_________________________________


4.)   Do these fish have external or internal fertilization?__________________


5.)   The swimmer’s mask gets stuck on a lantern fish in the deep ocean. The lantern fish is well suited/adapted to its environment. This is an example of ________________________ ________________________


6.)   What is the EAC? ________________________________________________________


7.)   What do the sea creatures use the EAC for? ____________________



8.)   Dory gets stung by many jellyfish.


a.)   What phylum of animals do jellyfish belong?____________________________

b.)   What are the stinging cells of jellyfish called?__________________


9.)   What does the starfish use to stick to the sides of the aquarium?



     10.) Where do most sea turtles lay their eggs? _______________________


11.) Their teacher Mr. Ray sings something in the beginning. What is he singing? (Listen carefully)_____________________________________


12.) Are sharks, like Bruce, carnivores or herbivores? _________________________


13.) Would sharks be producers or consumers?______________________


14.) Nemo and his family live in a sea anemone on a reef made by these animals? __________________________


15.) Name 3 more things that we learned that can be related to “Finding Nemo”