To reinforce molecular genetics concepts using levels of Bloom’s taxonomy



1.) Obtain enough pattern sheets to get 12 "circles" (please share with others so that no paper is wasted)

2.) You will be using one circle for each step

3.) Complete steps 1-12 below on your circles (keep writing in the inner circle) Use pictures and creativity (keep everything related to topic) to add to your answers (Use chapter 11 to help)

4.) Decorate the edges if you would like. Use the theme of the project. Fold each "circle" on the dotted lines so that the edges are facing up.

5.) When all of the other steps are completed. Glue or staple the "circles" together. Be sure that all the edges are facing up! We will attach a string to the Bloom Balls to hang & display them.


To Answer:

1.) What does DNA stand for? What does RNA stand for?

2.) What are the 3 parts to a DNA nucleotide? Draw a general picture of each.

3.) Any change in the DNA sequence is called a ?

4.) Who are the 3 people credited with discovering the structure?

5.) Describe how the DNA molecule fits together? (include info on the bases)

6.) Summarize how DNA is the “code for life.”

7.) Compare and contrast DNA and RNA

8.) Explain the importance of tRNA and mRNA

9.) What is the result of transcription? Translation?

10.) These codons stand for which amino acid?


11.) What would the world be like without the knowledge we have of DNA?

12.) Describe why the study of DNA is important to the lives of humans




Following Instructions

     2          4          6          8          10


Creativity and Neatness

     2          4          6          8          10


Spelling & Grammar

     2          4          6          8          10


Correct/Complete Answers

     3          6          9          12         15


                                     Final grade_____/45




 **Go to this website for an idea of what the finished product will look like, have fun!