An Environmental History

1.) Find partner(s)

2.) You will do research about a "mover and shaker" for the environment as well as a term of the environmental movement. Be sure to ask others in the class so that no two groups investigate the same topic.

3.) You should find out things like: the person's "bio," what they did and their impact on the environmental movement (many did other things so make sure you focus on environmental aspects)

4.) You will be teaching a "lesson" to your peers so know your stuff!

5.) You should prepare a brief handout for your "students" and a concise presentation (presentations should be no longer than 7 minutes-all group members should participate and present)


A) Rachel Carson      (Leave No Trace)

B) Aldo Leopold        (Free Market Environmentalism)

C) John Muir        (Green Economics)

D) George Washington Carver     (Anti-Environmentalism)

E) Gaylord Nelson & John James Audubon      (NIMBY Syndrome)

F) Henry David Thoreau & George Perkins Marsh      (Reconciliation Ecology)

G) Gifford Pinchot      (Bright Green Environmentalism)

H) Theodore Roosevelt     (Ecological Footprint)