Geo-Time Machines


Objective: To review periods of geologic time


You and your group will create a short skit about your time period


The skit should be done like you have just traveled back in time to your time period


You should include but are not limited to the following:


-what organisms are dominating

-any firsts

-what’s happening with the “earth landscape”

-extinctions with possible explanations

-what’s happening in Georgia


Group 1: 3 consecutive periods of Paleozoic

Group 2: Mesozoic

Group 3: Cenozoic


You should be accurate but have fun too!!!!


Your skit should be about 2-5 minutes long.


All group members must participate in the planning and acting of skit


Use your textbook and internet as resources


You will be graded on:

Participation, accuracy, creativity, overall effort


Click HERE for Rubric