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Enzymes are biological catalysts that control chemical reactions in living things. Simply put, if your enzymes stop working…you stop working! Many diseases are caused by faulty enzymes, these will be examined later. For this QUEST, we will be examining how enzymes are “harvested” from living things and used in industry to perhaps create something you even “used” today. How are we dependent on enzymes, both inside and outside our bodies?


You will be working in groups of 3-4 to complete this project. Each individual will have a role, but you must work as a team!!!!







DATE: 10/10/10




You have been highly recommended in your field and we are glad to have you on board. Due to the boom in money spent on biotechnology, we have been able to hire new individuals for the creation and marketing of new and improved enzymatic products.


Here at Biobiotech, we find it most productive to work in mixed ability task groups. In MATG, you will choose an enzyme to investigate. Since not everyone in the group has a scientific background, you all will need to conduct basic research on enzymes, then, you will do more specific research on your enzyme. Ultimately, it is up to your group to design and begin marketing a new product that utilizes the enzyme, create a “flyer” to propose to marketing and the public and also, a press release that the “average American” can read describing the basics of the product.


We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

T.J. Max, CEO Biobiotech Interprizes EDU



1.)    You will be assigned to a group by the VP of Operations, T. Shawler.

2.)   Your group should choose an enzyme from the list below. Be sure to tell the VP of Operations your choice. It is OK if you have not heard of the enzyme.

a.       Cellulase

b.      Amylase

c.       Trypsin

d.      Rennin

e.       Lipase

f.       Bromelin

g.       Ficin

h.       Pectinase

3.)   After choosing the topic, do the following individually. Create a 2 column chart. One side should be what you know about enzymes and your topic enzyme. The other should be what you would like to/need to find out. After your group completes their chart, discuss your charts as a group and add to what you need to know.

4.)   For the groups of 4, each person should choose from the list of jobs below

a.       Graphics Design/Art Editor

                                                               i.      In charge of layout, pictures, etc for flyer and responsible for overall marketing

b.      Reporter

                                                               i.      In charge of: organizing information for both the flyer and press release & keeping list of sites where information is found

c.       Facilitator/Patent Lawyer (*groups of 3 divide this one evenly)

                                                               i.      In charge of keeping everyone on task, making sure deadlines are met,  making sure your product has not already been created by another company

d.      Biochemist     

                                                               i.      In charge of science behind product, keeping others in group informed about important definitions and so forth


5.)   Investigate current “research” and “products” concerning chosen enzyme

6.)   “Design” a new product that utilizes the enzyme. Keep in mind the following:

a.       In general, how does it work, What are the benefits of the new product over old ones, what is the name, what is the packaging, where will you get the enzyme, what products are already out that use that enzyme, etc. (Think about products you know and commercials/ads you have seen)

7.)   Create a “flyer” about your new product. (Use Microsoft Publisher)

8.)   Develop a press/marketing release (approx. 500 words) for the new product. Remember, part of the press release should have basic info on enzymes

9.)   Re-examine “task” for more info

10.) Be sure to check out evaluation to know how you will be evaluated

11.) You will begin with research. The following sources are great places to begin. Be sure to keep a record of where you get each piece of info.



1.) www.howstuffworks.com (search under “how cells work”)

2.) www.wikipedia.org   (search enzymes)

3.) www.purchon.com/biology/enzymes.htm

4.) www.mapsenzymes.com

5.) www.biobasics.gc.ca/english/View.asp?x=792

6.) www.dyadic-group.com/wt/dyad/enzymes


Evaluation: See Rubric Under "Other" on this unit's page



Before taking on the challenge of this quest, I bet you knew little or nothing about enzymes. Now you know that enzymes are an integral component of living things as well as how enzymes really shape our lives. Not only do they keep us alive, but they are used to make many things that make our lives easier and more enjoyable! Remember…Everybody loves cheese!!


***NOTE: ANY questions you might have, please feel free to ask the VP of Operations!!! J