Enzymes in Industry Webquest Rubric








Group Work

Group did not work well together, members did little to share & discuss, too much individual work was done, group “goofed off” instead of working

Group worked well at times, some team work and discussion of ideas was noted, too much individual work done

Group worked as a team sharing ideas & roles a majority of the time, group seems to have cohesion & cooperation for common goal

Group had cohesion & cooperation throughout project. Goal was met with utmost unity of group

Individual Work

(chart and role)

Individual did little to complete their role and did little to complete their individualized portion

Individual performed role sometimes but with lack of effort and enthusiasm, did little to complete individualized portion

Individual performed role most of the time with effort & enthusiasm, individual portion was complete

Individual went above & beyond what was expected, Effort & enthusiasm were evident at all times

Organization of Data and Research

Little or no research was done, evidence was not provided, little or no documentation

Some research was done to reach goal but was not kept organized & little documentation evident

Adequate research was done, data is organized & ready to assemble, sources are documented

Research is exceptional & well organized, documentation is well done

Flyer: Format and Organization

Flyer had little or no thought, no plan is evident, not visibly appealing, little effort

Flyer had evidence of some planning, somewhat neat & appealing, some effort took place

Flyer was planned, visually appealing to most, organized & neat, adequate effort

Flyer looks professionally done, could be used in actual marketing for product, effort is above & beyond expected

Flyer: Info, Grammar and Spelling


Not all info is present, difficult to understand what product is and basics of product, many errors noted

Not all info is present, relatively easy to get gist of product, some errors noted

Info present, easy to understand what product is and how it works and how it relates to enzyme topic, few if any errors

Info present, easy to understand elements of product, very good explanations, few if any errors

Press Release: Grammar, Spelling and Length

More than 3-4 errors, not well done, not proper length

3 or fewer errors, minor “slips”, proper length

1-2 errors, nothing glaring, well done, proper length

No “evident” errors, very well written, proper length

Press Release:

Background, Product info, Believability, Audience


Little or no background given, difficult to tell what product does, not believable, who is audience?

Some background is given, product info is available and mostly believable, would be difficult for audience

Good job on background, good use of research & group collaboration, product info seems reliable and believable, average person would understand enzymes, how they work and how product works

Great!! See 3+


Little or no effort was done, not much was accomplished, learning is not evident, group did not meet expectations

Some effort took place, learning was at minimum, group did not fully meet expectations

Effort was given, group tried, learning is evident, expectations met

Could work professionally, group gave 110%, above and beyond expectations of the project!


 TOTAL POINTS : OUT OF __________________________80 POINTS