You will work as a class to create a themed earthquake awareness board. The class should determine an overall title for the bulletin board. Then, each group should determine the title for their section that follows the theme. Work in small groups on topics but also work together as a class. Remember your audience consists of peers & teachers. Click on the picture at left for the rubric. Below are the topics,. Have fun and be creative!!

1.) Earthquake Lore: Fact of Fiction, cartoons, funny stories

                        2.) Homeowners guide to reducing structural damage, earthquake insurance, building resistant structures

                       3.)  Seismic history in Georgia & Seismic risk for Georgia and Southeast (including maps)

                       4.) Science of Seismology (What is seismology? What causes earthquakes? Wave types? etc.)

                       5.) What do you do in the event of an earthquake in different scenarios (i.e. In bed, in a car, at school, outside, etc)

                       6.) Recent earthquakes (within last few weeks), location and magnitude (include maps & other visuals)

                       7.) How are earthquakes rated, include pictures with magnitude & intensity