In small groups, complete the following:

    **NOTE: Your critter should have interactions with at least one other critter in class

        (ie. a symbiotic relationship)

    **Put your rough draft on scrap paper, turn in your final draft on the CRAZY CRITTER FACT SHEET

    **You will be presenting your critter to the class


Step 1.) Create a totally fictitious (fake) organism (can be from any kingdom)


Step 2.) Give your critter a scientific name (using binomial nomenclature)


Step 3.) Describe your critter

-also include here what special adaptations your critter has for survival


Step 4.) Describe how your critter gets energy (NICHE)

    -is your critter autotrophic or heterotrophic (a decomposer, a scavenger, etc.)??

    -if heterotrophic...specifically what it eats

    -what trophic level of the energy pyramid would you find your critter


Step 5.) Describe the interactions your critter has with other organisms (NICHE)

    -include a food chain (what eats it, what it eats) with your critter as well as any symbiotic relationships it has


Step 6.) Describe the biome/ecosystem/specific habitat of your critter, be specific

    -include listing of specific abiotic & biotic factors


Step 7.) Describe impacts on the population size of your critters

    -include 1 density-independent limiting factor & 1 density dependent limiting factor

    -what is the carrying capacity of your critter for its habitat


Step 8.) Write a short story about how humans have impacted your critter

    -do the special adaptations of your crazy critter allow it to survive or is it going extinct


Step 9.) Draw your critter