Travelin' Down Under



Objectives: To learn more about caves and to discover caves in the U.S. that you could visit


Procedure: You will be creating a travel brochure about a particular cave that will include such information as:


1.) Type of cave (ie: limestone, lava tube, talus, etc)

2.) Typical formations (speleothems)that one might see

                   3.) Oddities of the cave

4.) Tours available and prices/length and hours of operation

5.) History of the cave (ie: who found it, when, etc)

6.) Location including distance from Ellijay

7.) Historical significance

8.) 3 pics

9.) What to wear if you visit? Average inside temp?

10.) At least 3 places to stay in the area

11.) At least 2 websites to find information about cave

12.) Anything else that is cool that might spark someone’s interest


Grading: Your grade will come from:

-neatness, attractiveness, information, and overall effort


Caves to Choose from:


______________1.) Carlsbad Caverns (incl. Lechuguilla) (NM)


______________2.) Craters of the Moon (ID)


______________3.) Hawaii Volcano National Park (Hilo, Hawaii)


______________4.) Mammoth Cave (KY)


______________5.) Russell Cave (AL)


______________6.) Lost River Cave (KY)


______________7.) Blue Spring Caverns (IN)


______________8.) Lost Sea (TN)


______________9.) Hidden River Cave (KY)


______________10.) Marengo Cave (IN)