Evolution of Atomic Theory


Just consider the evolution of cars from the Ford Model T to the 2007 Ford Mustang. Cars have come a looooong way and so has atomic theory!! As a class, we will be creating a timeline of the evolution of modern atomic theory to

find out about these changes & then creating a series of Who Am I? presentations






1.) You will be working in groups of 2-3 for this project. The “timeline” for the timeline is short, so work diligently!


2.) Each group will have no more than three "t-shirts" to put their information on.  These "shirts" will go on the "clothes line."


3.) Groups will find and display information including:

            a.) When was the work done? (Time frame)

            b.) What questions were being asked?

            c.) Whose work influenced the person?

            d.) What was learned, discovered, etc.?

            e.) What was the atomic model called? What did it look like? (Where applicable)

                        -a picture of the model should be included

            f.) Anything else the group finds interesting about the person, their theories, their work, etc.


4.) Each section should be easy to read and understand; keep it simple and neat. (DO NOT COPY, PASTE, AND PRINT!!! ) J Use bulleted information…


5.) Use the internet to find pictures where needed, keep track of all sources used (USE AT LEAST 4 DIFFERENT SOURCES) (Put all sources at the end of Who Am I? PowerPoint)


6.) Writing should be large, other students should not have difficulty reading it



1.) Using information from part #1, you and your partner(s) will create a Who Am I? PowerPoint (I will demonstrate how this is done)


2.) After the timeline has been created, students will have the opportunity to examine the information presented.


3.) The Who Am I? presentations will allow students to test their learning/knowledge. You want the clues to be creative and challenging. All group members should work on this.


4.) Use an easy to read font, do not use complicated backgrounds, do not put large amounts of text on any one slide, 15 slide maximum


**NOTE: You will be tested in detail about the evolution of the atomic theory.


Topics: (not in chronological order J)

            -Leucippus, Democritus, & Aristotle              

            -Ernest Rutherford

-Paul Dirac & Carl David Anderson

            -J. J. Thomson

-Erwin Schrodinger & Werner Heisenberg

            -Robert Millikan

            -John Dalton

            -Niels Bohr

            -James Chadwick



* Grade will be composed of: Neatness, Quality of Required Information, Group Effort, Documentation of Sources, and

Placement of Section on Timeline, Who Am I? Review…See Rubric