Animal Behavior

*Behavior: Anything an animal does in response to a stimulus in its environment

*Many behaviors have adaptive value, they allow the animal to survive (caring for young, finding shelter, finding mates, avoiding predators, etc)

Innate/Inherited Behaviors

Learned Behaviors

Inherited Learned
Automatic Behavior comes about through practice or experience
Reflex and Fight-or-Flight are examples Ex: habituation, imprinting, trial & error, conditioning (see below)
Instinct is a complex pattern of innate behaviors  
Ex: courtship rituals, hibernation, estivation, migration, mammals suckle, baby sea turtles finding their way to the sea Ex: humans learning to speak

Habituation: occurs when an animal is repeatedly given a stimulus that is not associated with punishment or reward, animal becomes habituated when it finally quits responding to that stimulus

Imprinting: form of learning where an animal forms a social attachment to another (ex. baby bird recognizing mother)

Conditioning: learning by association (famous experiment- Pavlov's Dogs)

    1.) Dog salivates when presented with food (unconditioned response)

    2.) Ring a bell each time dog is presented with food (bell is conditioned response)

    3.) Eventually, dog will salivate when only a bell is sounded