Evolution of Atomic Theory                      

Your Job...

-Working in groups of 2-3, investigate how the atomic theory has evolved from ancient Greeks to the present

Your Task...

1.) Research your topic, take good notes, get a grasp of information

2.) Create a model of the atom for your time period/topic (either 2D or 3D). You should be able to explain  your model in detail and tell how this model demonstrates the atomic theories of the day.

3.) Produce a creative presentation of your material (see below) to share with the class that will take us back in time and show us the way. Feel free to create costumes, props, etc that are time-frame appropriate.

             When was the work done? (Time frame)

             What questions were being asked?

             Whose work influenced the person?

             What was learned, discovered, etc.?

             What was the atomic model called? What did it look like? (for model)

             Anything else the group finds interesting about the person, their theories, their work, etc.

4.) You should keep track of sources and document all of them on an index card to turn in on presentation day.


            -Leucippus, Democritus, & Aristotle              

            -Ernest Rutherford

  -Paul Dirac & Carl David Anderson

            -J. J. Thomson

  -Erwin Schrodinger & Werner Heisenberg

            -Robert Millikan

            -John Dalton

            -Niels Bohr

            -James Chadwick